TELEPERM Migrationsolution

» Block Control in Power Stations

Open and competitive - this is how the electricity market has been presenting itself since its liberalization at the end of the nineties. Today's cost burdens force utility owners to increase operational efficiency while ensuring safe and sustained energy supply.

» CS275 Gateway PDC

The CS275 PDC is an industrial-type server with Windows operating system and MS SQL database. The server collects analog signals (AKS) and messages (MKS) via the CS275 bus and archives this information on a cyclic basis in MS SQL server tables.

» CS275 Gateway - Description

The CS275 is an unattended, rugged industrial-type black box. All types of jobs for TELEPERM M and TELEPERM ME automation systems are processed


With our CS275 gateway solution we open the automation level for the data exchange with industryindependent standard systems.The TELEPERM automation systems are now able to communicate with the process visualization and control level in the same way as they do with the TELEPERM OS / IS systems.

» Printer Replacement

With our Printer Replacement solution we open the process control level for output data on serial printers. Print output data from the systems of the process control level (OS / IS) will be collected and archived in a central data base on virtual printers. The printer data can be selected, visualised and processed on unlimited number of WINDOWS computers.

» DS078 Terminal Emulation

Only a long service life for a process automation system ensures high profitability. Process computers and operator stations on the process control level not only age faster than boilers, furnaces and machines, but neither can they keep up with the lifetime of the plant automation equipment. Moreover, maintenance

» Modernization of the TELEPERM ME Process Control System

Our Subjects 1.The Initial Situation, Example Scenario 2.Modernization through Emulation or Migration 3.System Emulationwith M2000 4.System Migrationwith M2000 5.Target Systems Emulation / Migration

» FUBI Generator - User Manual

A process control system that has been running for a long time unfortunately develops its own life. This means that inconsistencies between the data of the automation systems and the project data in the master computers of the process control level become fixed over the years.

» Modernization of your Siemens TELEPERM M / ME system

Your company's process control scheme is based on TELEPERM M/ME systems? The fact that the components of the process control level have already been discontinued by the manufacturer gives the question of modernization and expansion of your system new importance and urgency.

» OS520 Migration Example

This example provides solutions for the future-oriented modernization and expansion of the control level for the plant's production processes (OS520).

» PDC Server Manual

Alarms, Messages, curves • ergonomic plant control • modern data management and data backup • modern data evaluation and visualization • easy data exchange with other systems

» Function Keyboard

The keyboard emulation developed by IPKS replaces the function keyboard of the TELEPERM process control level. The terminal emulation runs on standard computers based on Windows operating systems.

» Field Report Grosskraftwerk Mannheim (GKM)

The starting point Grosskraftwerk Mannheim (GKM) is one of the largest and most modern coal-fired power plants in Germany. Process automation in blocks 3 and 4 is based on Siemens' TELEPERM ME systems, consisting of AS220EA programmable controllers, the CS275 system bus, the OS254 monitoring system, and the IS operator control and process information system (MADAM S) installed on SICOMP computers.

» Block Control in Power Stations

Continued use of the extensive engineering effort put into core automation, I/O assignments and system structuring, lasting protection of investments, and increased benefit of the established experience and skills of current engineers and operators - these are essential qualifications for every block control modernization project.

» System Migration onto Standard SCADA Equipment in Power Stations

Cost-effective renewal of the SCADA level of legacy control and automation systems Field report Grosskraftwerk Mannheim (GKM) A 10 to 15 year time span - only a long service life for a block control system ensures high profitability. In reality, however, the individual components of the block control system have quite different life expectancies.

» Product Sheet TEVDU2000

The TEVDU2000 terminal emulation developed by IPKS replaces the VDU2000 workstations of the TELEPERM process control level. The terminal emulation runs on standard computers based on Windows operating systems.The TEVDU2000 terminal emulation communicates with the original MADAM S system over a serial connection, or with an MADAM S system running under the M2000 emulator over the local area network (LAN).