Company philosophy

IPKS delivers logistics, process control, automation solutions and provides migration tools that move your key applications onto modern hardware and software platforms.

Consequent improvement of our software solutions competency on the basis of product and project partnerships, and the support of our satisfied customers, are the key to our success and growth.

To ensure a high level of customer satisfaction

  • we deliver solutions adapted to our customers' needs, based on a creative approach, many years of project experience and state-of-the-art technology
  • we provide highest standards of quality, achieved through expert knowledge, motivation and team spirit
  • we offer cooperation built on mutual trust and reliability
  • we form partnerships to complement one another and achieve common goals

Our employees are our most valued asset. Their expert knowledge, motivation and creativity are the key factors for our company's steady growth. Dedication in learning new technologies and in rising  to new challenges  - these core values are embodied by each of our staff members. Continuous staff training ensures that you receive the best service.

While we strive for innovation to shape our future, dynamic development, credibility and consistency remain the steering principles of our company strategy.

Successful entrepreneurship is based on continuous development. The flexibility to adapt quickly to customer needs is our key to competitiveness.

ISO 45001 is an international standard for safety, health and environmental management for technical service providers, which become active in the client's premises.
The certified ISO 45001 system is a guarantee for the contractor/ordering party that subcontractors employed in big industrial facilities will comply with work safety and hygiene regulations and rules binding in the facilities