At a glance

IPKS is a provider of information, process and communication systems. The company has delivered software products for process automation solutions since 1986 and quickly developed from a provider of software services to a system supplier and solution provider. Today, the company employs more than 30 people.

IPKS - the solution provider

From warehouse management to process control system  - we provide information systems tailored to the needs of our customers. Not only do we develop the necessary software, we also deliver complete solutions that include all computer hardware and peripheral equipment. Our solutions enhance the communication with the plant control level, and if required, we provide the complete electrotechnical equipment (supplied by our partner companies).
We strive to provide our customers with complete system solutions that combine state-of-the-art technology with functionality and operational reliability. 

IPKS specializes in delivering solutions for

  • Logistic systems
  • Production control systems
  • Automation and System migration
  • Alarm management system

IPKS - the system supplier

IPKS develops and implements migration software solutions that allow customers to continue using their well-proven process software applications on a new hardware platform. Our migration systems help you extend the life cycle of your plant without breaking your budget, while taking full advantage of today's powerful technologies.

IPKS migration solutions focus on

  • Emulation systems
  • Operator control and monitoring systems
  • Process control systems in power stations

IPKS - the software service provider

Current state analysis, feasibility study and requirement specification, software development and system integration, parameter definition and commissioning, training, support, service and remote maintenance -  IPKS provides a complete range of software services. Our highly qualified staff supports you through each stage of the project.