M2000 emulates your entire SICOMP system on an open Windows platform. With the 1-to-1 emulation of the SICOMP hardware command set and SICOMP level structure, M2000 maps your SICOMP applications onto the command set of the Intel processors. This enables you to run your SICOMP software system very efficiently and without limitations on a Windows server or Windows workstation.

So, there is really no need for an abrupt and expensive switch to new software. With M2000 you can adapt your SICOMP installation to the Windows world, step-by-step. This approach saves you development costs, down times due to commissioning and test runs, and new, unstable operating sequences that always come with the change to a new system


The emulation is binary compatible. This means that M2000 converts the hardware command set and the SICOMP level structure to the command set of Intel Pentium processors. No changes whatsoever have to be made to your existing SICOMP application software.

Example of emulated SICOMP system




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