Modernization of Power Plant Control systems (TELEPERM)


Emulation of the OS/IS systems (OS254, OS262, OS265, MADAM S)

One-to-one emulation of the OS / IS systems on Windows-based computers.

Emulation of DSO78, VDU2000 operator stations and Function Keyboard

The DS078 and VDU2000 terminal emulations are Windows applications running on Windows-based computers.

Open CS275 system bus communication over gateway connection and PDC server

The gateway converts the existing CS275 system bus to the TCP/IP standard (LAN). The PDC server collects analog signals (AKS) and messages (MKS) via the CS275 bus and archives this information on a cyclic basis in MS SQL server tables.
Our Gateway can also provide an OPC UA interface to CS275 automation bus.

Migration of the OS / IS systems (OS254, OS262, OS265, OS520, OS525, AS231, …MADAM S, OM650) to a standard operator control system (WinCC / Citect, or similar)

All structure information from the OS / IS systems, STRUKT / GET and ASxxx are preserved and ported to the new platform - no need for new structures, wiring and extensive testing. All plant-specific objects (formerly known as NOBI) are available for new process diagrams and will be automatically connected with the variables from the migration database (automatic wiring).


  • Backup documentation:
    Function charts can be created (also in the form of dynamic process diagrams) from the structure files of the ASxxx central unit and modules with the help of an FIBU generator.
  • Migration of AS modules to S7 modules:
    SIMATIC S7 function blocks are generated from the ASxxx structure information with the help of a function block generator.
  • Extended alarm recording and distribution:
    Acquisition of all faults detected in the control system infrastructure, LAN cable installation, UPS units, switches, camera images, and integration in the alarm system. Notification over the telephone, by e-mail or SMS message, etc.

Example of a server cabinet with OS- / IS- server



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