CS275 Gateway

The CS275 gateway and process data collection

With our CS275 gateway solution we open the automation level for the data exchange with industry-independent standard systems.

The TELEPERM automation systems are now able to communicate with the process visualization and control level in the same way as they do with the TELEPERM OS / IS systems.

The CS275 gateway

The CS275 is an unattended, rugged industrial-type black box with the following integrated features:

  • N-PCI local bus interface module for the communication with the CS275 system bus
  • 1 Gbit Ethernet-LAN interface for the connection to the master computers
  • Diagnostic and statistic functions
  • Embedded Windows operating system

The 'transparent' gateway converts the entire data traffic of the CS275 bus system to the TCP / IP standard without the least delay. And for the gateway it is irrelevant what type of TELEPERM M / ME automation system is connected to the system bus.
The Gateway also has an OPC UA interface.

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