Function Keyboard

The keyboard emulation developed by IPKS replaces the function keyboard of the TELEPERM process control level. The terminal emulation runs on standard computers based on Windows operating systems.

The PLT-E1 keyboard emulation communicates with the original MADAM S system over a serial connection, or with an MADAM S system running under the M2000 emulator over the local area network (LAN).

The keyboard emulation can be executed on the same WINDOWS computer, the same display where the terminal emulation is running or on a second display.

The keyboard emulation can be installed also on a touch screen panel pc (Please see figure below).


Additional functions

In addition to the function scope of the original function keyboard, the PLT-E1 emulation offers functions such as:

  • Multi screen operation
  • Full screen or window mode
  • Variable, parameter driven layout
  • Password protected parameter definition
  • Adjustable SYSTEM FUNCTIONS menu offers the opportunity to activate more (further) functions per mouseclick, e.g. ORG, MADAM S or Windows functions.
  • The PLT-E1 emulation is able to send additional command types
    ... to the TE2000 terminal emulation of the system console: ORG / MADAM S commands (e.g. RESET xxx, ./START xxx)
    ... to the Windows master machine Batch or EXE files will be executed.