The PDC (process data collection) Server is the IPKS process information system adapted to Siemens TELEPERM process control systems. It is based on MS SQL Server and Web Browser clients.

The PDC Server can be integrated in the TELEPERM M / ME process control level with the OS (265, ...) and IS (MADAM S) systems and capable of replacing functions presently provided by these systems. The existing process control system remains unchanged.








The PDC Server acquires process data such as binary- ,analog- signals (curve values), alarms and messages via the CS275 bus and stores this information in cyclic archives (Microsoft SQL Server tables). Based on standard access methods for Microsoft SQL Server, a LAN connection (TCP/IP) can be used to access these tables. Using a standard browser (such as Internet Explorer), PDC Server gives you the possibility to view and acknowledge messages (incoming, outgoing, acknowledged) and display curves in curve windows.

The server's User Administration allows you to define access rights for individual users and monitor user access.



operation log powerplant report


Messages and curves can be archived using standard backup equipment (DVD, central backup server). Process data can be easily exported and integrated in other systems (e.g., export to Excel tables).

It is also possible to connect evaluation systems (such as ACRON) to the PDC Server to allow further processing for

  • integration in plant reports and critical point analysis
  • verification of compliance with legal requirements
  • quality control, etc.