Printer Replacement

With our Printer Replacement solution we open the process control level for output data on serial printers.

Print output data from the systems of the process control level (TELEPERM OS / IS, COROS, SICOMP, SIMADYN etc.) will be collected and archived in a central data base on "virtual printers".

The printer data can be selected, visualised and processed on unlimited number of WINDOWS computers.





Operating modes

Data of the chosen virtual printer are streaming in to the WINDOWS PC, connected to the data terminal bus, exactly that way just as in a real printer. This mode can be chosen on different clients for one and the same printer

Data of all virtual printers, collected in the MSDE data base, can be selected according to different criteria, visualised and printed on WINDOWS PC's, which are connected to the data terminal bus.

Additional functions

  • Selections und full text search in printer text.
  • Text (e.g. messages) can be recoloured automatically (parametrizable).
  • On (during) the output of text, signals will be activated, e.g. soundfiles will be played as buzzer alternative / digtal output (adjustable).
  • Output of printer text on network printer, connected to the data terminal bus.
  • The WINDOWS service SocketDruckServ has an open interface, which can be used for printer output from other WINDOWS programs.