Emulation OS / IS Systems

Emulation with M2000

After system migration using the SICOMP Emulator M2000, the software of the OS and IS systems runs on a modern nonproprietary computer platform in exactly the same way as before.

Application software, such as MADAM S, NORA, FRANZ, MELD, KURV, ... , and the ORG software of the existing OS and IS systems are continued and can be used without changes.

Example of OS- / MADAMS- server cabinet with OS- / IS- server, gateway, terminal computer (DS078, VDU2000)


This solution offers the following advantages:

  • Modern hardware for computers and I/O equipment
  • Latest system software (Windows)
  • Network connection (LAN)
  • Open system structure for the connection to the Windows world
  • Substantial increase in performance
  • The well-proven application software remains unchanged and reliable
  • The functionality of the user system remains unchanged
  • The well-proven operator control remains unchanged
  • No tests of individual functions
  • No operator training
  • The conversion risk is kept to a minimum (no programming, parameter assignment or operator errors)

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