User systems

Technological development progresses so quickly that hardware components such as computers and operator stations "age" fast. And your well proven software, too, will eventually become out-of-date.

Today, user systems must provide advanced features such as

  • ergonomic user interface design
  • modern concepts of data management and data backup
  • state-of-the-art data analysis and visualization facilities
  • open data exchange with third-party systems

You are thinking of replacing your existing user system by a completely new system, being aware of the complexity of such a task and the high costs involved? Before you decide on such a cost-intensive change to a new user system, we would like to show you the advantages of our migration solution.

The scope of the new investment should be clear and within acceptable limits. And the effort and time spent on training to get your personnel familiar with the new systems should be kept to a minimum.

Our migration solution moves your existing user software into the new IT world, with the benefits of open system architecture and compatibility with modern standard hardware and software components.

The functionality of your system is not changed (unless you instruct us otherwise) and all data structures are preserved. We modernize your user systems and system components by means of a "soft", step-by-step and low-risk transition to standard technologies that won't scare your budget.