The IPKS process informationsystem is used and adaptable for different applications (power generation; waste incineration; steel-, chem.- paper- industry, etc.). 

  • Hierarchical structure for singlezone systems and
    for multizone systems (plant--module(x)--area(x)).  
  • Based on scalable system architecture from single computer system
    to faulttolerant multiprocessor system with MS SQL Server database and Web Browser clients.
  • Functions for system -analysis, -optimization and
    fault- analysis, -correction.
  • - Message/alarm sequence display (incoming, outgoing, acknowledged)
    - Curves (trend curves; XY curves, operating point curves)

    - Sequence fault documentation, protocols

    - Filtering possibilities across all hierarchies









  • Documentation of all process events by 
    - Trend system

    - Operating statistics, budgets, online calculations
    - Long-term archiving

    - KKS (definition system for power plants) ,
       AKS/AKZ (general plant definition system) 


 operation log powerplant report

  • User administration allows you to define access rights for individual users and monitor user access.
  • Freely definable plant components (module) and system areas (area).
  • Freely definable alarm types, alarm classes, alarm indicators
  • Process data acquisition via customizable driver processes.

Messages and curves can be archived using standard backup equipment (DVD, Tape, central backup server etc.). Process data can be easily exported and integrated in other systems (e.g., Excel tables).

For further evaluation as

  • integration in plant reports and critical point analysis
  • verification of compliance with legal requirements
  • quality control, etc.

it is also possible to connect evaluation systems (such as ACRON) to the process informationsystem.

(Please see our product PDC Server)