Your company uses Siemens process control computers of the type SICOMP R30 / SICOMP M and Siemens hardware components which have already been discontinued by Siemens and obtaining spare part becomes more and more difficult.


Our solution for the modernization of your SICOMP process control computers and hardware components offers you the following goals:

  • All discontinued Siemens hardware components are replaced by new, modern hardware components based on Windows operating systems.
  • The benefits for you:
    Easy availability of spare parts and system expansion parts and easy service and maintenance due to the use of standard hardware and software.
  • All software components running on Siemens SICOMP systems continue to run unchanged on the new, modern hardware.
  • The benefits for you:
    Protection of investment as know-how, expertise and engineering effort built up over the years are preserved.

Our SICOMP Emulator M2000 moves the entire SICOMP application into the Windows world and thus eliminates the risk of plant standstill due to the discontinued SICOMP equipment that is still in use at your steel plant.

Based on this migration concept we can offer you a smooth and low risk solution for the replacement of your SICOMP systems - with the benefits of state-of-the-art, future-oriented and easy to maintain technology. We trust that our migration approach meets your approval and that you give us the opportunity to present a concrete proposal. We will be happy to supply any further information you may require.

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